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Selecting an accredited School to undertake your first coasteer

Always ensure you book your Coasteering session with a company whose instructors have received coasteering training and assessment through the International Coasteering Associaition. This will ensure they have the necessary coasteering instructor qualifications to ensure you have a fun but safe coasteer.

If they have not undertaken the ICA Coasteering Instructor Course then you will need to ask what coasteering training and assessment they have received.

In general, coasteering instructors should be qualified beach lifeguards (these qualifications also give the individual training and assessment in first aid and dealing with medical scenarios that occur when people get into trouble in the sea). The instructor should also have training in swift water rescue techniques and the use of a rescue tube and tow-line. The school should also hold valid insurance for the activity, so if you are unsure check.

Safety Briefings prior to Coasteering

A good school will always give you a safety brief prior to entering the water. The coasteering briefing should cover:

  • Entry and exit to and from the sea.
  • Communication with the group and instructor whilst on the coasteer. (The instructor should have the means to communicate with the emergency services in an emergency).
  • Emergency procedures that will be followed in the event of an injury to a member of the coasteering group.

Safety Equipment used whilst Coasteering

Your coasteering provider should issue you with a Helmet, Boyancy aid and wetsuit. You will normally wear an old pair of trainers to protect your feet. If the conditions are cold or you are coasteering between the months of October and April you should also wear Wetsuit gloves and skull cap to ensure you stay warm whilst coasteering.

Instructors should have rescue tubes, throw lines or other rescue equipment such as a rescue board if you are a large group in case you get into difficulty.